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Thanks for visiting. We have some excellent resources designed to help you and those you care about build stronger marriages, homes, and lives.

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Grow a Great Marriage

A healthy marriage is a great joy! But a sick marriage? That’s a different story. Would you like to know how healthy your marriage is? Take a short evaluation by going to How Healthy Is Your Marriage?

Then take a look at the rest of the Grow a Great Marriage series. Thousands of couples have benefited from these teachings.

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting provides articles for moms and dads that will help you strengthen your parenting skills. Simple, direct, and effective. You’ll discover the most important gift you can give your children, and three possible ways to see them and their behavior.


Here we provide downloadable resources that we have developed over the years. Please stop by and see what you may be able to use in your family, church, or outreach. Resources

Knowing Jesus- a chronological Bible study of the Life of Jesus Christ
Preparing to Succeed- pre-marriage counseling material
40 Days of Power- Bible study on God’s power for His purpose

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